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Quit smoking now with iQuitSmoking app

Quitting smoking isn't easy - and, for most people, willpower alone isn't enough. iQuitSmoking is a smoking cessation app which gives you a goal to aim for while sending you regular time, health and money motivation updates to help you stay quit. The app currently works with €, $ and £'s.

Quit smoking today and start saving with iQuitSmoking app. Note, we also just released an Amazon Fire version (click here).

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iQuitSmoking helps you quit smoking by giving you a goal to aim for and sending you regular time, money and health updates to motivate you to stay quit. Stopping smoking is easier when you can see what you've achieved and have something to aim for.

  • Time quit
  • Money saved
  • Health benefits
  • Smoking cost
  • Goal countdown
  • Cigs not smoked
  • Time of life added

iQuitSmoking Features

Set a goal to help you stay quit

Smoking is an expensive habit. If you smoke 20 a day in the UK, you could be spending up to £70 per week. iQuitSmoking helps you break smoking addiction by setting you rewards for quitting. You choose the goal - a holiday, a car, laptop etc. You set the price and picture and the app automatically counts down to your goal offsetting the money you would have spent if you hadn't quit smoking.

iQuitSmoking: Improving your life, rewarding your abstinence.

iQuit regularly updates your financial progress

While iQuitSmoking counts down toward your goal, it also adds up the money you're saving and sends you regular savings notifications. The app shows your percentage progress toward your goal as well as showing how much you still need to save. When you reach your goal, the app notifies you to reward yourself. Job done - onto the next reward challenge.

iQuitSmoking: Saving you money.

iQuitSmoking sends you regular health updates

Smoking is bad for you - this is beyond debate. Your body begins repairing just 20 minutes after your last cigarette. iQuitSmoking will send you notifications at key recognised health milestones to give you encouragement to stay quit and keep a tally on the positive effects of not smoking.

iQuitSmoking: Improving your health.

iQuitSmoking - Time of life added from not smoking

iQuitSmoking keeps a count of the number of cigarettes you've not smoked. By using the globally accepted rules that each cigarette smoked shortens life by 11 minutes, iQuitSmoking calculates the time of life added through not smoking. There are few greater motivations than seeing the extra days and weeks added.

iQuitSmoking: Lengthening your life.

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iQuitSmoking Install

iQuitSmoking helps you break smoking addiction by giving you health, time and money-based notifications to update you on your progress. The app also counts down to your reward giving you a greater incentive to stay quit. Install the free app and get started quitting smoking today.

iQuitSmoking is available free of charge now.

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